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Asiacontrol is steady growing up in 2012

In the year 2012, it makings a key position of the progress, steady growing up of Asiacontrol on the occasion of 13 year anniversary of foundation and operation of the Company, many welcome news to Asiacontrol:
In January 7, 2012, Asiacontrol has successfully held the year-end 2011 summation in the head office in Hochiminh city, in the present of all the members of Board of Management and Directory, and the general managers of all divisions. The General report has carefully been reviewing and appraising for the strengths and weakness to gain the experiences for the better managing and operating of the company.
Certificates of Merits from People Committee of Phu Nhuan District and People Committee of Hochiminh city granted to Asiacontrol for the Title of “Excellent Labour Organization in 2011”. General Director, Vice General Director, General Manager of inspection division have been granted by the such above Committees with the Certificates of Merit for the “Title of The Best Leader in the year 2011”  
Asiacontrol has completed re-accredited and re-certificated by NQA with the Company’s system conformed to ISO 9001-2008 standard.The cooperation between Asiacontrol and the International inspection colleagues in USA, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore has been well developed with many mandated inspection services entrusted to each other to perform in Vietnam market with successful results.
The Management Board of Directory has been ensured and satisfied the company’s labour-life by keeping the salary and bonus so well, in according to the development of the daily life, during the difficulty period of the country’s economy in the year 2012, as well as maintained the average salary of the company’s labour in the high position within the inspection field.There were not any debt for the salary and social insurance in Asiacontrol and no major mistakes for technical performance, as well as for the morals for the staffs in Asiacontrol system was found during the year 2012.
The company’s turnover target for the year 2012 has been exceeded 135% in comparison with the given ones by the Company’s Board of The Management.

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